Projects Overview




SKY’s Gold Strategy Exploration Rationale

SKYs gold exploration strategy is focused on the identification and efficient testing of advanced McPhillamys-type, multimillion-ounce gold targets in the Late Silurian stratigraphy of NSW. The strategy leverages the SKY exploration teams significant combined experience gained during the discovery of the McPhillamys Gold Deposit (60.1Mt @ 1.05g/t Au for 2.03MOz; ASX RRL 8 September 2017).

McPhillamys-style gold mineralisation has several distinct features which enables the application of robust exploration criteria, allowing for the efficient search and ranking of exploration targets. Gold is associated with disseminated – stringer pyrite zones in a key section of Late Silurian-aged stratigraphy of NSW with targets characterised by distinct geophysical and geochemical signatures.